The line Cesare P. by CESARE PACIOTTI and the second line created by the famous and fashionable brand CESARE PACIOTTI founded 1948 in Italy. And a line always elegant, feminine and extrovert, signed Made in Italy.
Giuseppe and Cecillia Paciotti, Cesare's parents, first founded the company with a classic and hand-finished men's line produced out of their factory in Civitanova Marche. Cesare was greatly influenced and impassioned by his parents' dedication as they directed the factory and supervised every detail.
Cesare Paciotti attended the prestigious Dams College in Bologna. After graduation, he traveled the world and researched trends in London, Paris, New York, and even the Middle East. In 1980, Cesare Paciotti inherited the family business and became CEO.
His eponymous company makes luxury shoes and other leather goods, Cesare Paciotti creates his shoes for a sensual, charming, sophisticated woman, extravagance season by season.
CESARE PACIOTTI and one of the most important designers of shoes and accessories in Italy in the handicraft. This brand offers quality and provocative style, together with his passion represented the basis of his success.

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